About Us

BuzzWaxx Collectible Rocks

Is a Leading (Small Batch) Rough Gem and Mineral Supplier for the Collector and the Dealer! We Look for Natural Specimens with Display Qualities and Healing Properties that come from all around the World!

The Category BuzzWaxx Collectible Rocks is Our Hand Picked Inventory from Around the World to bring to our Collectors and Dealers!

If you are looking for unique picks for your collection or to re-sell, we have something for Everyone! We sell right here on BuzzWaxxRockShop.com and on Social Media!

The Easiest way to request something that you are looking for is to comment on our posts, if we don't already have it, we'll try to find it for you. Follow Us on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube. Another way to reach us is by utilizing our contact us page on BuzzWaxxRockShop.com. We do Rock Shows in several places and you will get deals by following us!